Pool Umbrella

Especially in the summer, we spend most of our days at the beach, sea and pool. However, while we spend a long time at the poolside on summer days, we are exposed to UV (ultraviolet) rays. We need to take measures for this. For example; using high factor sun protection creams, wearing sunglasses and a hat, be in shadow areas, not to go out between 11: 00- 13:00 in the hours range when sun rays are most harmful. Taking such measures will make the time we spend for us more enjoyable and healthier. Another suggestion for being in shadow [...]

İnspiring Designs For The Garden

Garden Designs Our gardens are an important living space for us. You can use it in summer and winter seasons, only in summer or just for an aesthetic look. You can research different designs according to your style and decorate a magnificent garden for yourself. In this way, you will have a pleasant endeavor. After talking about decorative items that you can use in all garden styles, I will move on to the designs: You can choose umbrellas that you can use both in summer and winter seasons. Choosing an umbrella suitable for your garden according to its various colors and [...]

Modern Garden Design

Initially we need to decide what kind of garden we want to prepare in order to design modern garden. At the beginning, it is necessary for you to decide whether you are going to use this garden to have fun with a crowded group of friends or to have a little chat with our best mates while grabbing a cup of coffee or tea or to rest and sit in peace while reading a book. After deciding this, you need to choose whether you would like a super luxurious garden or smooth but an elegant one or a cute [...]

Umbrellas and Garden Accesorıes

Umbrella and Garden Accesorıes Accessories are of great importance to make small touches to your garden. By using garden accessories, you can create a magnificent, stylish, beautiful and aesthetic atmosphere in your garden. Swıng and Hammcok Hammock and swing will beautify your garden. The swing and hammock you use will add a fun and different atmosphere to your garden. It is very preferred both in terms of stylish appearance and decorative. Kamelya and Bank Having a bench or camellia in your garden allows you to create park atmosphere. Pear Sofa  Pear seats and floor cushions, which add a warm and friendly atmosphere to their environment, give [...]

Garden Decoration

Making an effective garden decoration is not as easy as it seems, but it is a challenging event. What to buy, what products are used, how to position them, the colors of the products and the most important thing must be absolutely colorful flowers, trees and garden umbrellas. The important criteria are; Spaciousness, Landscape products used, The use of flowers, Garden furniture, Decor, Aquaculture. Let's examine the criteria title by title, Refreshment is a criterion that should never be bypassed. If the number, colors and harmony of the products used are not balanced, it is not possible to talk about spaciousness. We can easily see in statistics that [...]

Hotel Decoration

Hotels are an escape way for people who are bored and tired of their lives to rest. Hotel designs is different than the design of the other decoration types. The first thing to look for in other decorations is just stylish and usefullnes. The most important thing for hotels is comfort. Especially the hotels that combine comfort and elegance in hotel decoration are the leading hotels in terms of choice. As soon as we enter the hotel, the entrance section and lobby appear before us. This reflects the hotel’s identity. First impression is very important. The priority here is to [...]

Cafe Decoration

Cafes; It is one of the stops for reducing daily stress, getting a little calm, you can relax under cafe umbrellas. Sitting with friends and chatting and for some activities. If you have a cafe, you should design your cafe in style for your customers and employees. Customers coming to your cafe should be comfortable. A spacious decor will both make customers comfortable and have a pleasant time. Along with the service you provide, your cafe design is also an important element that attracts the customer. It is important to position the tables and chairs. One customer should not disturb [...]

Balcony Decoration

Your balcony is an important architectural structure of your home opening to the outside world. People who living in hot climates usually spend time on the balcony. Therefore, the decoration of their balconies is as important as the interior decoration. You can either close your balcony with glass or use it open. This totally depends on how you want to use your balcony. Especially if you live in a city center and away from nature, you can use your favorite plants to feel the nature on your balconies. The most preferred flowers on balconies: geranium, clove, cactus, and violet. [...]

The Importance of a Beach Umbrella

UV rays prevent those who want to read and rest comfortably on the beach. We have to deal with protection for this. Sun rays have their benefits and harms. We provide the vast majority of our body's vitamin D needs from the Sun. It also has positive effects on our psychology and plays an important role in the development of our immune system. Care should be taken not to be exposed to the sun at noon, when the sun's rays are most severe. So between 11:00 and 15:00. It must be protected under an umbrella. Umbrellas, hats, sunglasses should [...]

Terrace Decoration

Garden Umbrella in Terrace Decoration While terraces have become important for our lives, we must decorate our terraces beautifully. The terraces are important in order to relieve the fatigue of the day perfectly and feel the comfort to the fullest. Terraces are areas that you can use for multiple purposes. With the terrace decoration ideas I will talk about below, you can create your terrace from the beginning or you can change the atmosphere with small touches. The terraces, which have been popular in recent years, are the areas where we can get away from the busy and tiring life of [...]