Garden Parasols for the Netherlands

Garden Parasols for the Netherlands... People want to have the best facilities and spend the best time both at home and in the hotels they stay. They make agreements with the companies where they can get this quality service and therefore they try to spend the best time. These services include garden decorations, as well as some materials used to protect from the sun. Umbrella House, we are trying to offer the best quality service at the most reasonable prices and we are trying to make you happy. Our company services include garden parasols. These garden parasols are used in [...]

Garden Parasols for BELGIUM

Garden Umbrella for Belgium Garden Parasols for BELGIUM... We can say that people prefer many different ways to protect themselves from the sun especially during the summer months. However, they try to meet these needs both for their personal homes and in their summer houses. There is no doubt that the first of such needs is the umbrellas under which you can conveniently chat and relax. Our company, which makes the production of these umbrellas, is trying to provide services to the people by making the highest quality production under the most appropriate conditions. You can meet all your needs in [...]

Garden Umbrella Import

Garden Umbrella Import Garden Umbrella Import... People take various holidays in various time periods to get rid of the stress and intense work tempo of life. As we all know, resorts are usually hot and have sandy beaches. There are some materials that are frequently used in such areas. The main reason for the use of these materials is the need. People can use creams and many other materials to protect themselves from the sun or to protect themselves from the sea. One of these materials is undoubtedly garden umbrellas. These garden umbrellas are among the most effective materials that people [...]

Garden Umbrella Manufacturer and Supplier

The Umbrella House is a leading umbrella manufacturer and supplier of Garden umbrellas. Our professional team of garden umbrella manufacturer and designers are constantly refreshing their existing Garden umbrella models and revealing newer designs and patterns compared to the latest trends in the market. Garden Umbrellas Garden umbrellas are one of the types of umbrellas that protect you from external factors, usually in open spaces and gardens, and unlike hand umbrellas, they are more than 2 meters in size so that too many people can sit under it comfortably. Garden umbrellas are produced in many varieties. Although the areas of use of [...]


Umbrella House has exhibited its latest product range once more in Spoga Gafa that gathers many brands & market professionals globally. Our brand and products were appreciated among the favourite products which bring a stylish look to universal shading systems. Umbrella House prodly represented new 4*4 Meter Banana Plus ,  4*4 Meter Mega Manuel Telescopic and Double Banana Plus  models. During Spoga Gafa exhibition , we had the privilege of meeting our distributors coming all over the world and informing  them about our 2020 collection, latest products, colors , mechansims etc.  We achieved to have significantly positive feedbacks regarding [...]

What We Do?

Umbrella House Co. is one of the biggest umbrella manufacturer and parasol manufacturer in Istanbul.  As one of the important parasol manufacturer in the region, we concentrate on quality and strength and service. Unlike many other parasol manufacturer , our first priority is the durability of our products which makes our parasols long lasting. Since we are a parasol manufacturer we can customize our products with different sizes , and fabric colors , varities of frames. Our main product ranges are cafe umbrella, restaurant umbrella, luxury umbrella, garden umbrellas and beach umbrellas. Our cafe umbrella and restaurant umbrella  offers excellent [...]