Garden Umbrella


The garden umbrella is one of the umbrellas that protects you from external factors, especially in open spaces and gardens, and unlike regular umbrellas, it has dimensions of more than 2 meters for too many people to sit under it.  Garden umbrella is produced in many varieties.

These large umbrellas are very different in usage, although the common names are garden umbrellas. In addition, the uses of these umbrellas are very different. They are the most economical and simplest solution for shading systems. Apart from the aesthetics and richness it adds to the space used, they protect you from sun light in summer to light spring rains. These benefits, being economical and practical are the reasons why they are number one solution for shading systems for businesses.

Also garden umbrellas can be used for decorative purposes. Every space has its own decoration and architectural design. Especially in outdoor arrangement umbrella has a significant contribution. Depending on the preferred color and model, it can give a bright and fresh air to the place of use, while at the same time an incorrect view can be created with incompatible choices.

Garden umbrella varieties are mainly known as; telescopic, with rope roller, with valve and with side body. In the selection of umbrellas, the wind and rainfall of the used space should be considered and the garden umbrellas suitable for the purpose should be preferred. In addition, it will have a very important advantage to prefer light colored umbrellas to protect from the sun in summer.

Garden Umbrella Manufacturer

Garden umbrella is an umbrella which is generally used in gardens. These umbrellas, which are primarily used for protection from the sun, have different types and features. As an umbrella house garden umbrella manufacturer, we carry out production and sales of these products. We have been serving in this sector for more than 40 years as a company. We sell our products to many places in Turkey and abroad.

Features of Garden Umbrella Products

We also produce garden umbrellas that we sell as a company in our factory.  The features of the garden umbrella products we produce are as follows;

  • Our products are locally produced products.
  • Our garden umbrellas products are quality products.
  • At the same time, our umbrellas are extremely durable and economical products.
  • Our garden umbrellas we produce are products under which more than one person can sit comfortably.
  • Our products have lengths of more than 2 meters.
  • As a company we produce our products in different colors and features in order to adapt to the places of our customers.
  • Our products are also suitable for use in different areas apart from the garden.
  • Our ordered products are delivered to our customers quickly by the company and can be used whenever required.

Because of these features and quality, our products have been among the indispensable products of the sector for many years and find buyers in many fields.

Benefits of a Garden Umbrella

Our garden umbrellas which are widely used outdoors are very useful products. Our umbrellas, which are used for shading especially during summer, protect people from harmful sun rays.

In order to protect from the sun during the summer months, especially our light-colored garden umbrellas are preferred. In this way, they prevent the sunstroke. They are used to prevent rainfalls that occur during winter and autumn months. In this way, our umbrellas prevent people from getting wet and sick. Our garden umbrellas can be used in different areas outside the gardens.

They are purchased for decorative purposes when used by the individuals who are running workplaces. These products are also very economical, therefore they are preferred outdoors and can be easily assembled and used.

Our umbrellas can provide a nice appearance to the areas where they are used. Our products can also be used in home garden furniture.

Types of Garden Umbrella

As an umbrella house company we have been serving in this field for many years, we possess different kinds of garden umbrellas.

Some of our garden umbrella types are as follows;

  • Telescopic garden umbrellas
  • Corded and roller garden umbrellas
  • Garden umbrellas with valve
  • Garden umbrellas with side mast
  • Garden umbrellas with central mast
  • Double folding garden umbrellas

We offer this product range to our customers with different color options according to their demands. Our customers choose us and buy the most suitable products for their places. Furthermore, unlike garden umbrellas, we also sell our bat awning which is suitable for use in the garden..

Our Garden Umbrella Models

The garden umbrellas that we produce are preferred by our customers according to their models. Our garden umbrella models preferred by our customers are as follows; avocado round, double folding-t-pillar, avocado square, telescopic luxury model, mango 10-arm and double-folding to the front models and so on.

These models are also available in different colors and features. In addition to our umbrella models, our legs are also available in marble, plastic, metal and wheeled models. Our customers can order any of these products.

Usage Areas of Garden Umbrella

Even though our garden umbrella products are identified with this name, they can be used in different areas besides gardens. Especially nowadays, cafes and restaurants prefer these umbrellas in their open spaces. In this way, they provide protection for the customers coming to their cafes against sun or rainfall.

They can also be used as a decoration in their places. Our garden umbrellas can also be used on the terraces of the houses. People can use our products for shading when they want to spend time on the terraces. They can also be protected from rainfall. Our umbrellas can also be used as beach umbrellas in holiday venues.

In this way, people can relax under the umbrellas on the beach. In addition, our garden umbrellas can be used by people for similar purposes at the poolside. Since our products are assembled in an economical and easy way, they can be assembled whenever needed.

Garden Umbrella Prices

As umbrella house company, we sell garden umbrellas at economical prices. We have been preferred for years during which we have made a difference to our competitors in this regard. Those who want to buy garden umbrellas us get in touch through our phone numbers during working hours and they can order the desired products or their parts. We ensure that the products are delivered to our customers as soon as possible

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