Patio Umbrella Stands

Patio Umbrella Stands

Patio Umbrella Stands. Energize your outside with yard umbrella stands. They don’t just keep your required shade immovably set up. They likewise add to the embellishing nature of your porch with their accessibility in different styles, hues and weighs.

The 25 lb Grape Outline Umbrella Stand is suggested for yard umbrellas of littler sizes, with a standard shaft distance across of 1.375 inches. The 25-pound form is embellished with a complex foliage outline. It has a base of 20-inch in breadth and comes in white, green and dark shades. It is produced using iron, along these lines is inclined to rusting particularly when set in sodden and beach front open air settings. It can be artificially treated to postpone this impact.

The 35 and 70 lb Steel Umbrella Stand is the exemplification of the exemplary porch umbrella stand that is exclusively for capacity. It is a round dark steel outline that arrives in a 35-pound and 70-pound units. The 35-pound model has 20-inch breadth base that will oblige an umbrella shaft with a .75-inch distance across and 13-inch stature. The 70-pound adaptation has a 28-inch distance across base that can hold an umbrella post of 2.5-inches in width, and ascending to a neck tallness of at most 20 inches.

The 40 lb European Stand puts in the European bravery to your yard setting. With its popular Western outline, this 40-pound stand is made of cast iron that will safely attach a porch umbrella with 6.5 inches to 13.5 inches neck tallness. This stand is accessible in six completes, for example, Classical Bronze, all with against rust preliminaries to guarantee the solidness of the base.

The 45 lb Mosaic Umbrella Stand is a special form made of sap and smashed rock to ensure most extreme strength. This 45-pound base is certain to secure your umbrella stand and add magnificence to your yard with its three choice mosaic and shading choices, for example, Old fashioned Bronze, Old fashioned Pewter and Dark.

The 50 lb Porch Umbrella Base is intended to give ideal steadiness to your umbrella stand. This form is produced using shaped pitch and cast iron in an in vogue, cutting edge plan. It has a licensed Double reason Stem which permits you to utilize the complete stem for an unattached shade, or simply the lower part of the stem for under the table use.



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