Patio Umbrella

Patio Umbrella

Patio Umbrella

The Umbrella House

We have been manufacturing garden umbrella, patio umbrella, and sun parasol, outdoor umbrella since 1978 so we have huge experience about the umbrella manufacturing.

The most important thing at the outdoor umbrella is umbrella fabric. It should be suitable to outdoor condition. We use Spanish umbrella fabric as olefin. It has minimum year’s life span. When you compare the umbrella fabric life span with Asian cheap umbrella, you can see that 5 years are really OK sun parasol fabric. The umbrella house use 190gr umbrella fabric for patio umbrellas. Because, patio umbrella size mostly 2m circular patio umbrella, 2,5m circular patio umbrella and 2x2m square patio umbrella. According this we can say that 190gr umbrella fabric can be great for little umbrellas as patio umbrella and garden umbrella. On the other hand our umbrella company has some big umbrellas for garden using. 3m circular garden umbrella or 3×3 square garden parasol has two different garden parasol fabric as 190 g umbrella fabric and 250g umbrella fabric. We strongly advise 250g umbrella fabric for 3m circular garden umbrella, 4m circular garden parasol, 5m circular outdoor parasol, 4×4 square outdoor umbrella, 3 5×3,5 square sun umbrella ..etc

Second significant material is umbrella frame at the umbrella and parasol. The umbrella house use just aluminum at the umbrella manufacturing because the aluminum material is really durable and not heavy. When you make searching you can see that biggest umbrella companies use aluminum material for umbrella manufacturing. Our umbrella company use white umbrella frame and silver umbrella frame at the regular manufacturing. On the other hand we have capacity to make painting customer inquiries as different colors. I t just takes more time.

We love to make umbrella manufacturing to protect everyone from sun to who use the umbrella house brand garden umbrella and parasols.

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