Patio Umbrella 2×2 Meter Square 8 Ribs AVAKADO Model 60-2021-20

  • 2x2mt-KARE-Avakado-Model-8-Kollu-Yerli-Kumaş-60-2021-20
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Patio Umbrella 2×2 Meter Square 8 Ribs AVAKADO Model 60-2021-20


Our product is mainly patio umbrella, umbrella hotel, cafe umbrellas, restaurants umbrella is suitable for use as beach and pool umbrellas.

Patio Beach Pool Umbrella  2×2 Meter Square 8 Ribs AVAKADO Model 60-2021-20 Technical Specifications;

Size: 200×200 cm
Tube: 50 x 2 mm
Umbrella Arm : 20 x 30 x 2 mm

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