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Crank System Umbrellas Models

When we look at the history of the umbrella, its first use was found in Mesopotamia for protect from the sun. The first use of umrella for protection from rain is in China. As a word meaning : Latin is ‘umbres’. The umbrella was originally made of leaves and papyrus. Umbrellas used to be used as an accessory for women. Afterwards, the umbrella started to be used in different areas according to needs. Over time, big umbrellas began to be used next to hand umbrellas to protection from the sun. Large umbrellas seem to be identical, but umbrellas can vary depending on their area of use. One of these umbrellas is crank system umbrella (Telescopic umbrellas). Crank system umbrellas (Telescopic Umbrellas) are a product that can be used both in summer and winter seasons and especially preferred by seaside, cafes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and detached houses. Although umbrellas are mostly used to protect from rain, the use of telescopic umbrellas for sun protection is very common. These umbrellas also add great elegance to your place as decor. Dark colored umbrellas are not preferred in summer areas. Using lighter colors will add a fresh atmosphere to your environment in summer places. You can choose the size of the umbrella according to the width of your place. One of the most advantageous features of telescopic umbrellas is that they can be open and close without touching the table and chairs. Thanks to this feature, telescopic umbrellas are the number one choice of cafes. It opens and closes with the help of the arm in the middle. These umbrellas descend as they open and rise as they close. Therefore, they do not take up much space. Thanks to the fedel arm, it is also possible to adjust the umbrellas at the desired height and angle. You can add special heating and lighting features to the system in its inner arms. crank system umbrellas are used not only to protect people from rain due to the needs of people over time, but also to create a shaded area in summer. While it protects from rain and snow thanks to rain-proof finish fabrics in autumn and winter seasons, it protects from the sun’s scorching heat and harmful effects thanks to its fire-proof and tear-proof feature. In addition to these, we come across umbrellas are resistant to 15 km of wind and allow you to have a pleasant time at the place you use. Some crank system umbrellas are made using polyester material. These fabrics can be used a few times at most because they are not durable. The umbrella with thick aluminum body is lightweight, easy to install and carry. In addition, umbrellas with aluminum bodies are not affected by bad weather in summer and winter seasons. Telescopic umbrellas can be produced with and without a chimney. Vented umbrellas offer clean and spacious air thanks to the air circulation it creates. Now you know the advantages of telescopic umbrellas. I think people will prefer these umbrellas instead of umbrellas made of iron, flimsy, blown in the wind and with a life span of just a few months. I suggest you to use these multifunctional and stylish umbrellas for quality and enjoyable time.
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