AVACADO Model 8 Rips Square Umbrella

AVACADO Model 8 Rips Square Umbrella

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Corded with roller system is the common umbrella types in the market. The square and round models smaller than 3 meters are highly demanded in beaches and pool sides , the ones larger than 3 meters provides excellent shading to your customers in cafes, restaurants, hotels , etc. Depending on usage areas and locations , polyester , acrylic jut or olefine fabrics can be applied.

Rope roller system is the most common model of the umbrellas. While the square or round models of 3mt and less are preferred at the beaches or poolside, the sizes of 3 mt and more are the patio umbrella models that are preferred by restaurants and cafes.

Rope roller systems are the most commonly used opening and closing system in large patio umbrellas. Simplicity and economy are the most important reasons for preferring the rope roller systems. Our Avocado model umbrellas are the garden umbrella models using the rope roller systems. Our garden umbrellas that are manufactured in different sizes and shapes are manufactured as square and round umbrellas. (See Avocado model round garden umbrella) Our square umbrella is manufactured in 2×2, 2.5×2.5, 3×3, 3.5×3.5 and 4×4 meter sizes. 2×2 and 2.5×2.5 meter sizes are mostly preferred for beach, pool and balconies, while 3 meters and more are preferred by the places such as gardens, restaurants and cafes.

In our model, which has different fabric and fabric color options like all our umbrellas, it is possible to produce the umbrellas in the colors you desire for your special projects besides the standard colors.

Another feature of our umbrellas is that you can optionally choose them with or without eaves. This is the choice that is entirely at your discretion. Also, the company logo or the brand logo can be pressed on the eaves of the umbrellas. In this way, integrity and brand awareness are provided at the venue.

As it is mentioned before, rope roller systems are the most preferred opening and closing systems in garden umbrellas. The umbrella is opened by pulling the rope in the middle of the umbrella. The excess part of the rope that is tensioned is wrapped on the winding hook on the umbrella frame and the opening of the rope is prevented that is wound with the hook on the rope. When you want to close the umbrella, it will be sufficient to just loosen this rope.

  • Brand Umbrella House
  • Avocado model square 8-arms garden umbrella
  • Manufactured as square
  • Rope roller system is used
  • Square 2×2, 2.5×2.5, 3×3, 3.5×3.5 and 4×4 meter sizes are present
  • 70 liters umbrella can or luxury avocado umbrella leg is used for the umbrellas up to 3 meters
  • 160 kg marble umbrella leg with a brake and a wheel is used for 3.5 and 4 meters sizes
  • Has an aesthetic and qualified appearance
  • Can be prepared with or without eaves
  • Presses can be done on the umbrella eaves
  • Domestic or Spanish imported umbrella fabrics can be preferred
  • Special projects can be produced out of the standard colors
  • (Including the umbrella fabric, plastic fittings and aluminum constructions)
  • Manufactured at the factory of Umbrella House
  • Extra strong plastic spare parts and connection elements are used
  • Has a thermally treated and reinforced aluminum umbrella arm and frame
  • Can be sent anywhere over Turkey as assembled

AVACADO Model 8 Rips Square Umbrella Video

AVACADO Model 8 Rips Square Umbrella Dimensions

AVAKADO Square Parasol 200×200/8

Square Parasol Technical Draw

Size : 200×200 cm
Tube : 50×2 mm
Ribs : 20x30x2 mm

AVAKADO Square Parasol 250×250/8
Square Parasol Technical DrawSize : 250×250 cm
Tube : 50×2 mm
Ribs : 20x30x2 mm

AVAKADO Square Parasol 300×300/8
Square Parasol Technical DrawSize : 300×300 cm
Tube : 50×2 mm
Ribs : 20x30x2 mm

AVAKADO Square Parasol 350×350/8
Square Parasol Technical DrawSize : 350×350 cm
Tube : 70×3 mm
Ribs : 20x30x2 mm

AVAKADO Square 400×400/8
Square Parasol Technical DrawSize : 400×400 cm
Tube : 70×3 mm
Ribs : 20x30x2 mm

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